Saturday, October 26, 2013

Poppy King dan lain lain

Just read this super sweet article on Into The Gloss with Poppy King. She comes off unbelievably adorable and so kind hearted. Her honesty is so great. I love her back-story, I read it in one of my current fav books (more on that in a second) Kirstie Clements' The Vogue Factor. Poppy's lipsticks came across Kirstie's desk in the 90's and Kirstie hooked up up with David Jones and the rest is a beautifully matte history.

Kirstie's book is really great. The old-school appeal of the Australia fashion industry and the hilarious stories of the bottom rung work in the 80's are classic. I never really choose to read a biography over other things, but all of my most re-read books over recent years are biographies.

Currently listening to yMusic's Beautiful Mechanical. I went to a concert of theirs as part of the Sydney Festival at the Spiegeltent in January and fell in love with them. I would absolutely love to write something for them and have them play it, so let's all send out those vibes to the universe.

Taken by my dearest Lucinda at the Spiegeltent.

Swatvac has been very stressful, and I'm technically not even in it yet, weekends aren't included (but they so are.) Hopefully tomorrow will be better and warmer!

A Whistle, A Tune, A Macaroon,

J x

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