Saturday, October 19, 2013

In C

Writing an essay on Terry Riley's 1964 minimalist work In C. Comparing different versions of the piece. It involves 53 modules that are played by an ensemble that individually progress through the piece. Super simple score, super complicated reality. I'd imagine the rehearsals for the recorded versions I'm listening to must have been very tough to have much real control over. It is one of the few essays I've written at uni, nearly the only one really where I feel like I have enough reliable academic sources with the kind of information I want. Which is nice. Referencing is the bane of every university student's life.

Cannot wait to go home to my family. Though I'm sure the sweltering northern heat will get the better of me soon enough. I'm such an air-conditioned comfort seeker, though my poor circulation allows me to be environmentally friendly enough to crave twenty-five degrees and no lower. I really miss having access to a car. Being sick without one made doctor's appointments a massive hassle because riding stops being an option, and east-west public transport is non-existent around here. It's nice to not need petrol-powered wheels very often down here, but the past week was painful without them.

Last week of undergrad coming up, excitement plus.

Say a little prayer (forever, forever!),

J x

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