Friday, September 27, 2013

New Leaves

Last night we had our college film dinner. It had a touch of Hollywood theme. I wore a black dress, red/gold/black wedges and Chanel's Peridot on my nails. After painting yesterday morning, I've still managed to wake up to sheet marks on a couple of them! I don't think it agreed with my base/top coat either, it bubbled a bit as well. But I still like how it looks, and a very dear friend gave it to me for my birthday, so that's always nice. Another friend did some fancy liquid eyeliner for me, which I am totally incapable of doing myself. Many years of ballet make-up taught me a lot of things, but that was not one of them, I'm a pencil gal.

Working on preparation for my recital today. I'll be playing five pieces for a 30 minute recital at the end of semester for a 100% grade. Whew. Practicing twice daily, aiming to break it into three when my exam gets closer.

Melbourne weather is GORGEOUS today. Yay.

Werkin hard,

J x

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Cupid's Arrows

Baroque Ensemble rehearsing for "From Masque to Opera."
Started rehearsals for a concert I'm part of in a couple of weeks. We only have a few rehearsals for it. It's a night of English musical theatre including excerpts from John Blow’s ‘Venus & Adonis’ and Henry Purcell’s ‘Dioclesian.’ Should be good fun. It's got some really cute movements with some cherubs and Cupid and luuuurve.

Starting a couple of essays for two of my subjects that are due after our mid-semester break. My mum is coming to visit in a couple of days, I'm vair excited for it. We're going to go to the Melbourne show, The Graduate, and a lecture at the Melbourne Recital Centre. We'll also go shopping and eating. Yay. Haven't seen Mum for a couple of months, it will be great to see her.

Going to do some practice and research and book learnin'.

Lotsa love,

J x

Sunday, September 22, 2013

DSLR Shots of Late

Sudden downpour.

Raindrops on a dirty window.


My stag.

Sunnier times.

Sunset and a tiny moon.

Booze and shoes.

Noice reflection bro.

Essie nail polish: Clambake, Meet Me At Sunset, Ballet Slippers, Geranium

New glitter and top coats.

Recent Photos

Wearing Revlon "Fearless" while practicing.
My new floral deer head. Makes me smile.
Kirstie Clements, ex-Editor of Vogue Australia's memoir.
Reading with Can't Find My Czechbook on ma nails.
Voluspa's Santiago Huckleberry candle and T2 Honey Green Almond tea.

Saturday, September 21, 2013


Watching the best thing MTV's done in a long time:
Girl Code

Being a lady,

J x

Friday, September 20, 2013

Project Unbreakable

This came up in my newsfeed today. Blurred Lines is a catchy song but that is no excuse for how foul the lyrics are.
This article finishes with an excellent statement on the matter:
"There are no “blurred lines.” There is only one line: consent. And the absence of consent is a crime."

This article talks about the double standard of Robin Thicke's behaviour which is completely feral. All of the comments he has made justifying the lyrics of this song are disgusting and wrong.

Following this rabbit hole of the internet down, I ended up on the tumblr Project Unbreakable. This tumblr showcases survivors of sexual assault and the horrible things their attackers said to them. I feel for every single one of them, and I am so glad that they are able to be so brave and strong and confront the injustices committed against them.
My heart goes out to all survivors of rape, sexual assault and harassment.

In peace,

J x

Edit: The polar opposite of Blurred Lines, Marina and The Diamonds with How to be a Heartbreaker

The Tonys

FINALLY got around to watching the full version of the 2013 Tonys. I know, I am so late, but I read a live blog at the time instead.
Reaaaally, really want to go to New York and Broadway right now.
Right now.
The quality of performances was absolutely outstanding. Beautiful people, beautiful speeches, mostly beautiful voices. Great dancing.
"I share this award with you. Imma keep it at my house, but I share it with you."

Love and ice cream,

J x

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Attend the tale

Restless today. I've been dreaming of a break, a getaway, a SOMETHING fun and relaxing and for a semi-significant period of time.

Finished my composition for clarinet and piano today. It's called Longing, because that's what I've been feeling for a couple of weeks.


The above was yesterday's issue. That composition was performed and submitted this morning, and I'm very happy with how it all went in the end. Yay. 
And I got my first one back and I got a really good mark on that one. Yay.

One of the main reasons I got into blogging was because I was reading so many of them daily and loving it. The one I have been following for the longest is The Man Repeller. Leandra and her team are smart, funny, and super stylish. Their recent post on the Girl Code is a great read. These two are my favourite bits:
  • Never agree when a friend says she’s flabby, baggy, saggy, lumpy, floppy, veiny, squishy, scrawny, etc., etc. Tell her to shut up. Tell her life is too short. Tell her to eat, drink, and be merry. And finally…
  • Never treat other women disrespectfully: It gives men ideas.
Still rocking blue nails, with a blue denim shirt, black jeans, black riding boots and a maroon cardigan today. And some of my fav bling. Staple outfit for dreary days.

Off to be minimally productive for a little while as a reward for this morning's good work. Yay.


J x

Edit: I DESPERATELY need to figure out how to put some photos on here.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Ruby Tuesday... or not


Not feeling it.

Listening to ma best gals/guys The Jezabels today. Such a fan of their work. One of my dear friends from home was super into them, and super into their song Mace Spray, (which is not ma fav). But I finally got around to listening to them, and fell so hard. Disco Biscuit Love is my absolute favourite,
clocking into my top four on iTunes. Love the way the really simple chords are used. Hayley's voice is incredible. She is such a tiny human, I saw them in concert last year, fabulous light show and amazing performance discipline and energy. Hayley head-banged her way through most of their songs. Another goodie is Hurt Me which was beyond spectacular in concert. The opening is so amazing live. They didn't play Disco Biscuit Love when I saw them, which gave me the sads, but they played Long Highway, Easy to Love, Sahara Mahala, She's So Hard, Be A Star, Prisoner etc etc etc. Give them a listen. And definitely go see them live.

Attended an acapella concert last night. Absolutely bucketing rain, could still hear it inside the concrete bunker. Before that I had a performance tute where I played a piece from the 14th century called Trotto. It is part of a collection of seven or so pieces called The Dance of the Jongleurs. It is unclear who wrote the pieces, but they are some of the earliest surviving purely instrumental works. They had no words, nor were they danced to. Very fun piece that I've learnt from memory, got some good feedback about where to take it from here too. Working hard on the rest of my assignments too.

Painted my nails with OPI's Can't Find My Czechbook the other day. Gorgeous blue polish. I'm using a Revlon multi use base and top coat at the moment and it is the worst. It bubbles constantly, and doesn't self-level the way I usually rely on it to. Can't bring myself to spend money on another one quite yet, unsure as to whether it's a dud bottle or I'm just doing it wrong... I thought it would be better than my use of top coat both under and over my polish but I think I was wrong. Hmph. Still. Pretty blue nails make me smile.

Peace & Love & OPI dudes,

J x

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday Funday

Today is gorgeously sunny for Melbourne. Having a relatively quiet Sunday, just finished a decent work out at the gym, I wore my "Bend and Snap" singlet from Legally Blonde the Musical (my Dad took me when no one else would/could, he is the greatest). My gym outfit was stunningly matchy-matchy, pink singlet, pink/black/green sports bra, green nail polish, black bike shorts, pink socks and yellow runners (bloody yellow runners. Love them though.) I'm now about to have nice big piece of chocolate cake as a reward.

I spent the morning, organising, cleaning, rearranging and writing to-do lists. I have three assignments due this week, which is fun. I'm working on a composition for clarinet and piano currently entitled "Longing" cause that's the kind of week it's been. My Mum's coming down to visit in a couple of weeks, in the mid-sem break which will be great.

The current background for the blog is a photo I took at home. A long exposure on a particularly windy night led to some great streaks from the streetlights.

Okay, that cake is calling.

Catch you on the flip side,

J x

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Starting a Blog

Hello World,

On this somewhat sunny Saturday, I have finally decided to start on a project I've been meaning to get around to for a little while, that of starting a blog.

First and foremost I am a music student majoring in performance on Recorder. Baroque music is my long time fav, but I'm having a fairly big soft spot for some fourteenth century stuff that I'm playing. Recorder is a relatively unusual instrument to see at a tertiary level, so I'll provide a very brief history of it, of which many, many years ago in an AMEB exam, I couldn't say what recorders were first made of. What a terrible ten year old. The Recorder is a very simply constructed instrument, originally made from wood, and sometimes ivory and other precious materials. It is used primarily as a melodic instrument, and the repertoire dates from the earliest Western European manuscripts that we have, until J.S. Bach's death in 1750. Bach's death marks the popularity of a new instrument in the home and performance halls, known as the pianoforte, or piano. Also why Bach should be played on early keyboard instruments, but I digress. The recorder was unable to compete with the piano's dynamic range, and the increase of ensemble size with the popularity of the classical orchestra and so dropped out of use in the Classical period, so no recorder for Mozart. In the early 20th century, the Dolmetsch family was heavily involved with the revival and construction of Early Music instruments based on those in the British museum. A 1920's movement in Germany of cheap plastic instruments led the recorder to its usage as a classroom instrument. The 1970's saw a huge surge in Early Music and historical performance practice. So most recorder pieces are from the 13th century to the mid 18th and then from the mid 20th century.

I'm in my final year of undergrad, and looking forward to graduating. I've very much enjoyed my studies, and have been very lucky to be in a degree that allows both breadth and depth of learning.

To attend University, I moved from my North Queensland home to the city of Melbourne. I'm currently living in college, and intending to move into an actual house with some of my wonderful friends from down here next year. College has been an excellent experience, I would highly recommend it to anyone.

My other interests include photography, ballet, tap dancing, fashion, interior decorating, the rainforest and reef, my dogs (that live at home in Queensland), my wonderful family and friends, colour, nail polish (28 bottles down here and counting), composition, musicals, not having a tan, pretzels, mediation, blogs, politics, flowers and all kinds of music. I intend to post on all of this, and probably more.

This blog is to take control of my life on the internet. I've figured much of this information is out there on various forms of social media and such, and I'd rather be the one curating it.

To finish, here is a video from one of my favourite Aussie bands, The Basics. I recently saw them at a free concert very close to where I live, which was such a coo, because if you recognise their drummer, you'll be sure to know that these guys will probably be huge this year. The video is pretty beautiful, and the song is such a favourite. Such great harmonies, expect for me to post so much more from these guys. Or check it out yourself.
The Basics: With This Ship

Ciao for now kiddos,

J x