Thursday, September 19, 2013

Attend the tale

Restless today. I've been dreaming of a break, a getaway, a SOMETHING fun and relaxing and for a semi-significant period of time.

Finished my composition for clarinet and piano today. It's called Longing, because that's what I've been feeling for a couple of weeks.


The above was yesterday's issue. That composition was performed and submitted this morning, and I'm very happy with how it all went in the end. Yay. 
And I got my first one back and I got a really good mark on that one. Yay.

One of the main reasons I got into blogging was because I was reading so many of them daily and loving it. The one I have been following for the longest is The Man Repeller. Leandra and her team are smart, funny, and super stylish. Their recent post on the Girl Code is a great read. These two are my favourite bits:
  • Never agree when a friend says she’s flabby, baggy, saggy, lumpy, floppy, veiny, squishy, scrawny, etc., etc. Tell her to shut up. Tell her life is too short. Tell her to eat, drink, and be merry. And finally…
  • Never treat other women disrespectfully: It gives men ideas.
Still rocking blue nails, with a blue denim shirt, black jeans, black riding boots and a maroon cardigan today. And some of my fav bling. Staple outfit for dreary days.

Off to be minimally productive for a little while as a reward for this morning's good work. Yay.


J x

Edit: I DESPERATELY need to figure out how to put some photos on here.

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