Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Ruby Tuesday... or not


Not feeling it.

Listening to ma best gals/guys The Jezabels today. Such a fan of their work. One of my dear friends from home was super into them, and super into their song Mace Spray, (which is not ma fav). But I finally got around to listening to them, and fell so hard. Disco Biscuit Love is my absolute favourite,
clocking into my top four on iTunes. Love the way the really simple chords are used. Hayley's voice is incredible. She is such a tiny human, I saw them in concert last year, fabulous light show and amazing performance discipline and energy. Hayley head-banged her way through most of their songs. Another goodie is Hurt Me which was beyond spectacular in concert. The opening is so amazing live. They didn't play Disco Biscuit Love when I saw them, which gave me the sads, but they played Long Highway, Easy to Love, Sahara Mahala, She's So Hard, Be A Star, Prisoner etc etc etc. Give them a listen. And definitely go see them live.

Attended an acapella concert last night. Absolutely bucketing rain, could still hear it inside the concrete bunker. Before that I had a performance tute where I played a piece from the 14th century called Trotto. It is part of a collection of seven or so pieces called The Dance of the Jongleurs. It is unclear who wrote the pieces, but they are some of the earliest surviving purely instrumental works. They had no words, nor were they danced to. Very fun piece that I've learnt from memory, got some good feedback about where to take it from here too. Working hard on the rest of my assignments too.

Painted my nails with OPI's Can't Find My Czechbook the other day. Gorgeous blue polish. I'm using a Revlon multi use base and top coat at the moment and it is the worst. It bubbles constantly, and doesn't self-level the way I usually rely on it to. Can't bring myself to spend money on another one quite yet, unsure as to whether it's a dud bottle or I'm just doing it wrong... I thought it would be better than my use of top coat both under and over my polish but I think I was wrong. Hmph. Still. Pretty blue nails make me smile.

Peace & Love & OPI dudes,

J x

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