Friday, September 20, 2013

Project Unbreakable

This came up in my newsfeed today. Blurred Lines is a catchy song but that is no excuse for how foul the lyrics are.
This article finishes with an excellent statement on the matter:
"There are no “blurred lines.” There is only one line: consent. And the absence of consent is a crime."

This article talks about the double standard of Robin Thicke's behaviour which is completely feral. All of the comments he has made justifying the lyrics of this song are disgusting and wrong.

Following this rabbit hole of the internet down, I ended up on the tumblr Project Unbreakable. This tumblr showcases survivors of sexual assault and the horrible things their attackers said to them. I feel for every single one of them, and I am so glad that they are able to be so brave and strong and confront the injustices committed against them.
My heart goes out to all survivors of rape, sexual assault and harassment.

In peace,

J x

Edit: The polar opposite of Blurred Lines, Marina and The Diamonds with How to be a Heartbreaker

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