Friday, September 27, 2013

New Leaves

Last night we had our college film dinner. It had a touch of Hollywood theme. I wore a black dress, red/gold/black wedges and Chanel's Peridot on my nails. After painting yesterday morning, I've still managed to wake up to sheet marks on a couple of them! I don't think it agreed with my base/top coat either, it bubbled a bit as well. But I still like how it looks, and a very dear friend gave it to me for my birthday, so that's always nice. Another friend did some fancy liquid eyeliner for me, which I am totally incapable of doing myself. Many years of ballet make-up taught me a lot of things, but that was not one of them, I'm a pencil gal.

Working on preparation for my recital today. I'll be playing five pieces for a 30 minute recital at the end of semester for a 100% grade. Whew. Practicing twice daily, aiming to break it into three when my exam gets closer.

Melbourne weather is GORGEOUS today. Yay.

Werkin hard,

J x

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