Friday, May 9, 2014

Hair down to your legs and your legs down to the floor

Feeling a particular affection for New Zealand lately. I've never been, but the recent Royal Tour was pretty spectacular.
Here's a fav clip from an oldie but a goodie: Flight of the Conchords, a show about a NZ band and their manager trying to make it in America.
Other recent NZ highlights include Lorde, who I've come around to, her performance style is glorious, and hopefully she continues on the path she's on and becomes a fully-fledged feminist icon, and an inspiration for young women. Would love to get my hands on the lipstick from her MAC collaboration, due out in early June.
The next one is tinged with a little sadness, on TV late at night over summer a series called Nothing Trivial was airing, or the third season was. An entertaining show about a group of friends with a regular pub trivia meeting place, due to budget cuts in NZ (and falling ratings I think, but if it's airing at 11pm in Australia, and presumably NZ, that is never going to help anyone) there won't be any more series made. I will have to hunt down the first two seasons somehow.

With love,

J x

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