Friday, May 2, 2014


Hey dudes,

I've decided to start a new semi-series of blog posts about my fav sad song/happy sound tracks. Semi-series in that I have to work out which songs tick the boxes.
Devasted to find out the band The Middle East who wrote the first song broke up in 2011 (yepp, I have not been paying attention).
Anyhow, their song "Blood" has a gorgeous assortment of instruments and a fairly upbeat tune. However, it has super sad lyrics.
I think the dichotomy of this song is best shown in its use in the "Crazy, Stupid Love" soundtrack. I knew about these guys before that happened (#hipster) as they are/were from where I'm from, yaaay.
The movie uses this song riiight at the end for the joyous reunions and suchlike. It edits out the sad lyrics such as the hauntingly beautiful stuff about skin cancer, a major fact of life in North Queensland.
So here it is, from The Middle East, "Blood." And some really nice artwork too.

With love,

J x

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