Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Fear, Doubt and Distrust

It was mentioned in my Music Psychology lecture recently that the two things people, particularly males are often most afraid to be asked to do are public speaking and solo singing. I have definitely gone from being an extremely confident singer, from starting lessons at around three or four years old to being choir captain in my final year of schooling. Since school I have had very little singing practice, except for a turn onstage as a chorus member in Footloose (such a fun show!) The other situation that I get asked to sing with others is with a whole bunch of musos, a situation where no one wants to get a note wrong, and the trained singers all really, really want to show off.
At least the joys of public speaking (from being debating captain) haven't worn off yet.
This was all leading into the should-I-or-shouldn't-I decision of posting a video (or two) from a Gotye concert that I lurved in 2011. Wally had been critised for performing 'Somebody That I Used to Know' with recorder vocals from Kimbra (who was currently in Australia.) Instead, at the concert I was at, he got the crowd to sing her verses which was the best fun.
However he's got videos made for all of his songs off Making Mirrors so here's one o them to enjoy.

I'm going to THE THEATRE tonight with a dear friend. I 'won' some free tickets to a show at La Mama as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, so hopefully I laugh til I hurt.

Wednesday white-out,

J x

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