Sunday, March 23, 2014

Back to it.

Hola amigos,

I've been away from the blog in a somewhat unplanned but enjoyable break.
I spent the summer back home, and after finishing my Bachelor of Music, I was once again thrust into a fog of what on earth to do with my life.
After much deliberation, I'm now studying Honours in Musicology, still at the Melbourne Con.
I've also made the decision to move out of my college and have moved into a studio apartment. I am LOVING cooking for myself and I'm definitely eating better than at college, mostly due to making better choices that I'm entirely responsible for.
So of course, we're getting to the stage of semester where I'm getting a couple of assignments ready to hand in and all of that.
I hope to get back to posting more regularly, blogging is a nice creative outlet with all the photos and things I like to put on here.
So, a photo. Taken of my gorgeous view a couple of twilights ago.

 With love,

J xxx

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